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In a business environment defined by requirements to elevate service levels while reducing IT operational costs, developers seek proven strategies to optimize the production runtime environment of their WebSphere Application Server implementations. The nearly universal objective of IT leaders today is to improve application performance and maximize the environment's ability to support broad business objectives. In the May issue of WebSphere Developer's Journal [Vol. 2, issue 5], I presented the first of a two-part series that provides strategies for tuning network and database interfaces to optimize IBM WebSphere Application Server implementations. That article discussed best practices for database connection pooling, prepared statement cache, and session persistence. In this article, I present best practices and tuning techniques for EJBs (Enterprise JavaBeans), J... (more)

Attack Trees: It's a Jungle Out There

Computer security is an important aspect of any IT architecture. The requirement for security vigilance is especially critical, given the widespread availability of technology that potentially enables novice hackers to penetrate corporate IT defenses simply by using a tool available on the Internet. Attacks can range from the theft of credit card or other sensitive customer information to embarrassing defacements of corporate Web sites. The ramifications of breached enterprises can negatively affect corporate valuation and brand equity, as well as customer and partner relations,... (more)

How to Optimize WebSphere Application Server Performance

Organizations are increasingly using thread pools to enhance WebSphere Application Server performance by providing users with required information quickly without monopolizing resources required for other commands. Regardless of the complexity of many J2EE applications, all that's important from the end user perspective, other than functionality, is processing time. The end user simply wants the requested HTML page to load quickly. Similarly, a business executive wants simple assurances that her organization is not losing customers due to slow Web site responses. In the event tha... (more)

WebSphere Application Server and Database Performance Tuning

Optimization of the production runtime environment boosts the performance of WebSphere Application Server applications, allowing organizations to harness the full potential of their hardware and software investments. Performance tuning of the network and database interfaces are two of the most important elements of the optimization process. This two-part series explores best practices for performance tuning as it relates to the persistence layer of WebSphere Application Server and a database management system (DBMS). Organizations running WebSphere Application Server AE are most l... (more)